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Video and film editing

Professional and reliable service available for the editing of both video and film.


Multi-media Streaming

Audio and video distribution methods via the Internet continue to progress with the development of more sophisticated software applications.

Streaming in REAL-TIME now offers both the general public and organisations to opportunity to view video and films without the necessity of waiting (often for hours) for a download to be completed. Streaming is, basically, instant viewing.

Computer Studio Limited (CS) is able to develop and disseminate multi-media content through the use of audio/video streaming technology via the Internet, both LIVE and on demand.

There are many benefits in favour of streaming, especially as a cost-saving advantage, not to mention, time.

Our website contains information on tariff options and further information about our Streaming service and it’s many uses.


Take a look at our Video and Streaming Services and Apps page by visiting our website at



Learn in the comfort of your own home –

At Computer Studio Limited we fully appreciate the potential that e-learning (on-line educational courses via the Internet) can offer and we are happy to share our knowledge of languages and technology with others.

Our on-line courses and one-to-one lessons cater for the beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced student.

Both one-to-one lessons, as well as group lessons are available … open to individuals who want to improve their knowledge as a personal goal or to companies who are dedicated to the development and advancement of their staff.

Advantages of e-learning (on-line courses and one-to one lessons) –

  • no travel required
  • no getting stuck in traffic jams
  • money saved because of no loss of working hours or travel expenses
  • more energy efficient (less carbon footprint)
  • a comfortable environment in which to learn
  • flexible lessons that can be tailored more easily to suit student needs/requirements
  • faster delivery times than the traditional classroom based instruction

There are, of course, many more benefits of on-line courses and lessons … we’re certain you can think of many yourself.

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For over 11 years Computer Studio Limited has specialised in the translation of websites, software and documents (technical, legal, scientific and medical).

Our Translation Services feature the following languages :
















To complement our Translation service we also provide Interpreting services (deferred or simultaneous) on-site, or via the Internet in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

You can get in touch with our Translation Department and request a quote emailing us at enquiries AT


Voice Over Internet Protocol –

Communications costs are immensely reduced by using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol technology – sometimes known simply as IP) for the placing and transmitting of telephone communication over an IP network system as an alternative to the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

This is achieved by converting standard telephone audio into a digital format able to be transmitted over the Internet and, in turn, converting incoming digital phone signals from the Internet to standard telephone audio.

A VOIP telephone or application has certain technical advantages over an analogue phone as well, as it can support many additional features, such as ease of sharing contact lists among multiple accounts and IDs that are similar to e-mails.

The obvious advantage, of course, is in terms of cost saving as these phones reduce costs dramatically, especially when phoning other countries.

Ideal for individuals and for businesses, at home or the office.

VOIP Solutions is just one of the many services offered by Computer Studio Limited (CS) – visit our site at


Logically, a smartphone needs smart apps, developed for smart people by smart programmers –


At Computer Studio Limited (CS) we are constantly adding to our range of Apps in-store.

New projects are being worked on, with many already in development stage.

Check out our Apps In-Store page on the website at and feel free to navigate your way around the various products and services offered.

We look forward to welcoming you and delighting you with our soon to be released Apps in-store …


CRYPTOCOIN Mining Pools … The CRYPTOCOIN explosion –

A global phenomenon that’s hot news worldwide!

Cryptocurrency, simply put, is digital currency (also known as virtual currency or electronic money) that is not controlled by a single entity, such as a central bank and is, therefore, a de-centralised currency. Since it’s initial introduction in 2009 with one single type of coin there has been a continuous flood of new variations of cryptocurrency worldwide. (See Wiki’s more detailed explanation).

It has also been referred to as ‘digital cash’ because it can be easily and swiftly transferred directly from person to person by means of software referred to as a ‘wallet’ stored on their PC or MAC, web application or mobile device.

The exchange of Cryptocoins for other types of currencies, products and services continues to grow as many merchants have recognised the great potential of accepting digital currency as fees as much lower than standard High Street credit card processors.

Cryptocurrcies reward for payment processing work in which the users offer their own computing power to verify and record payment into a public ledger system. This is termed as ‘mining’ and participation of such is carried out in Cryptocoin Mining Pools.

Individuals and companies alike (the ‘miners’) can participate in this activity in exchange for transaction fees and any newly created cryptocoins.

Several Cryptocoin Mining pools are available at Computer Studio Limited’s website and we are actively participating in several new ventures concerning this ‘phenomenon’.

More Cryptocoin mining pools will be added and opened up to the mining public soon.

Join the many miners having fun in our mining pools by visiting Computer Studio Limited at


What is a custom script?

Custom scripts are software programs that add interactive features to websites. These include search boxes, shopping carts, guest books, discussion boards, clocks or other gadgets to webpages.

Many custom scripts work behind the scene as databases, specialised features on spreadsheets, and the like.

Basically, whatever extra features that are needed for a specific project can be programmed to accomplish that purpose or task.

Our experienced and dedicated team of computer programmers at Computer Studio Limited (CS) are happy to help with bespoke programming requirements, ranging from creating relatively simple custom scripts, to the more complex ones (see details of our Node Module –

Visit our site at and view our Custom Scripts page and also our many other products and services available.


Computer Studio Limited (CS) :

Professional website design and construction services


The main principles of effective website design –

Obvious, self-explanatory and user-friendly

Each webpage should have clear guidelines that lead visitors through the site content in a very simple, extremely effective and user-friendly way

Useful and informative

A successful user interface design means that available functions can be clearly seen – It’s not particularly important to understand how things work – if we find something that works, we stick to it, feel comfortable with it and use it

Feature exposure

Give visitors a choice of clearly defined options, without overcrowding the view with unnecessary jargon-filled content. Today’s audience tend to scan rather than read so

include only elements that are most important to understanding

Structurally organised

A clear conceptual structure with consistency of screen layout, relationships and navigability throughout the site are important concepts of good organisation, which apply to all elements. Pay particular attention to simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, and emphasis

Ease of navigation

People tend to follow their own intuition and want to have a good measure of control, so make site navigation easy for them to explore.Use a clear structure (navigation bar, header, content area and footer) with moderate visual clues and easily recognisable links that assist in getting from A to B, minus time wasting. Icons communicate information quickly and when hovered over, additional useful information appears

Effective visual communication

‘Visible language’ includes eye-catching images that grab a user’s attention – a picture really can speak a thousand words!

Effective writing

Talk business, but always strive for simplicity rather than complexity with plain, objective language – complex structures are hard to read, scan, analyse and work with, whereas hierarchical structures reduce complexity and render content easier to perceive

  • brevity – short, concise phrases
  • scannable layout – multiple heading levels categorise content
  • fact highlighting – bullet point lists

Keep your user requirements to a minimum


For more information and assistance with website design and construction, or any of our other products and services, visit us at


Picture the scene …

As a forward-looking entrepreneur you’ve just chosen the most appealing name for you’re new business venture and you’re Internet site, that will completely complement your ideas, products and services.

You’re excited about the project and keen to get started right away by registering it.

The only problem is that the domain name you carefully and painstakingly choose, after hours (or many days/weeks) of insightful thought and preparation just ISN’T AVAILABLE!

This is where Computer Studio Limited (CS) comes into the picture, as there is another option available to you, other than the conventional registration sites, namely Internet domain trade.

Our Internet domain trade is targeted at the buying and selling of top quality domain names that will richly enhance brands and businesses.

View our current list of domain names for sale on our Internet Domain Trade webpage at


Welcome to the world of technology and the Internet!

Whilst technology continues progressing in massive strides and the Internet cyberspace ‘universe’ is constantly expanding each day, it’s a bit like driving a car!

If the car functions and gets you to your destination and back home safely you generally enjoy driving … but if the car refuses to start or even breaks down midway it’s definitely not a good feeling, unless you happen to be a skilled mechanic equipped with all variety of spare parts and tools to repair or replace whatever is needed to get on your journey again.

We all know the feeling well!

In moments like that all kinds of feelings and emotions can erupt inside of us: frustration, confusion, desperation, hopelessness, and even anger because we’ve missed an appointment or a deadline. Worse still if we’ve been stranded for hours!

When a friend or the emergency services turn up and fix the malfunction what a great relief that is. Off you go again, confident that you can resume your progress to reach your intended destination safely.

Everyone can relate to the same feelings when sat at a computer that just won’t respond anymore … you have deadlines, appointments, schedules, goals and achievements to reach and this heap of defunct technology refuses to co-operate! Worse still … your project (even several projects) that you’ve been working on for ages (days/weeks/months) … GONE! DISAPPEARED!

That’s where we come in with REMOTE ASSISTANCE. At Computer Studio Limited (CS) our engineers can assist you remotely via the Internet and specially developed software called ‘Team Viewer‘ that allows temporary control of a computer so that any software related problems can be rectified quickly and professionally through our Remote Assistance service.

In addition to our Remote Assistance service we can also give advice on hardware related problems. Visit CS at




VPS un-managed servers (virtual private servers) are virtual machines sold as an Internet hosting service and runs its own copy of an operating system for individual users.

This feature is particularly advantageous, as customers have ‘superuser’ level access to the operating system (OS) and are able to install almost any software that runs on it.

A VPS un-managed server functions much the same as a dedicated physical server and in fact, they are also known as a (VDS) virtual dedicated server.

The hosting software can include a web server program, file transfer protocol (FTP), a mail server program, along with other specialised applications that work with e-commerce and blogging activities, as required by the customer.

Because they are software defined and, therefore, easier to create and configure, this is reflected very favourably in the price, as opposed to an equivalent physical dedicated server.

Another great benefit is that they are a very reliable alternative solution for smaller businesses that prefer to keep costs down.


For further details regarding our VPS un-managed servers visit Computer Studio Limited (CS) at