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An easy way to get started with Cryptocurrency is to try out the following Cryptocoin Faucets which reward visitors with Cryptocoin FREEBEES in exchange for solving an easy ‘Capcha’ (word game).

You can earn extra money by building up your own network of downlines by means of the Cryptocoin Referral Programs, as follows :













Users acknowledge and accept that Computer Studio Limited (including it’s subsidiary companies) and employees will not be held responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any loss or damage, for whatever cause as a result of using these referral links. Users have the sole responsibility themselves to become aware of any risks involved with cryptocoins/faucets and the like and to pursue any discrepancy or dispute whatsoever in connection with faucet payments directly with the providers of the faucets.

Users acknowledge and accept that the sole responsibility rests on themselves as individual users/companies to ensure that all of their own security measures are in place and that they have made a thorough research and investigation for themselves of all possible risks involved.

Users also acknowledge and accept that Computer Studio Limited (including it’s subsidiary companies) and employees will not be held responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for these faucet referral links becoming dry (whether temporarily or permanently), malfunctioning in any way or simply not paying out.

Cryptocoin Referral Programs can be a good way to earn ‘in the background’ through downline networks but many are still being tried and tested for reliability. Our General Terms and Conditions on apply.



A warm invitation to all our fellow Dogecoin and Vertcoin miners!

Computer Studio Limited is now offering new, exciting Cryptocoin Mining Pools for the ultimate mining experience! Please feel free to help us test it out and make our pool just the way you would like it to be – send us your suggestions on how it can be improved to suit your needs!

Come and visit the Cryptocoin Mining Pools :


The benefits of our offer include :

  • A real company behind this project (Computer Studio Limited, registered in the UK in 2010)
  • A one-to-one dedicated Helpdesk with a ticket support system in place – available 24/7, every day of the year, weekends included!
  • Full STRATUM protocol support
  • PPLNS payout structure with 0.25% Fee  (if anyone wishes to donate something it will enable us to keep the fees low!)
  • A very neat, user-friendly interface with LIVE charts on pricing/currency values and the like
  • Twitter feeds directly from Dogecoin and Vertcoin accounts, so that you never miss anything whilst mining!
  • Fast and stable servers in the UK which are ideal also for European miners!
  • A listening ear for every feature request suggestion you want to send our way
  • Friendly staff
  • Database backup every hour
  • Low thresholds for auto and manual payouts

We appreciate your support to make our project grow and be ever more  user-friendly.

Register with us today –

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Give our pool a test drive … we are certain that we will become good friends and that the future will be a profitable one!

Helpdesk ticketing system –

Thanks for your attention to this announcement … happy mining!

For those who love ‘Captcha’ solving on Cryptocoin FREE GIVEAWAY faucets, the following link has referral programs that you can earn even extra coins with if you share them with your friends.

The referral programs are featured under the article ‘CRYPTOCOIN MINING’ –


CRYPTOCOIN Mining Pools … The CRYPTOCOIN explosion –

A global phenomenon that’s hot news worldwide!

Cryptocurrency, simply put, is digital currency (also known as virtual currency or electronic money) that is not controlled by a single entity, such as a central bank and is, therefore, a de-centralised currency. Since it’s initial introduction in 2009 with one single type of coin there has been a continuous flood of new variations of cryptocurrency worldwide. (See Wiki’s more detailed explanation).

It has also been referred to as ‘digital cash’ because it can be easily and swiftly transferred directly from person to person by means of software referred to as a ‘wallet’ stored on their PC or MAC, web application or mobile device.

The exchange of Cryptocoins for other types of currencies, products and services continues to grow as many merchants have recognised the great potential of accepting digital currency as fees as much lower than standard High Street credit card processors.

Cryptocurrcies reward for payment processing work in which the users offer their own computing power to verify and record payment into a public ledger system. This is termed as ‘mining’ and participation of such is carried out in Cryptocoin Mining Pools.

Individuals and companies alike (the ‘miners’) can participate in this activity in exchange for transaction fees and any newly created cryptocoins.

Several Cryptocoin Mining pools are available at Computer Studio Limited’s website and we are actively participating in several new ventures concerning this ‘phenomenon’.

More Cryptocoin mining pools will be added and opened up to the mining public soon.

Join the many miners having fun in our mining pools by visiting Computer Studio Limited at