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Learn in the comfort of your own home –

At Computer Studio Limited we fully appreciate the potential that e-learning (on-line educational courses via the Internet) can offer and we are happy to share our knowledge of languages and technology with others.

Our on-line courses and one-to-one lessons cater for the beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate and advanced student.

Both one-to-one lessons, as well as group lessons are available … open to individuals who want to improve their knowledge as a personal goal or to companies who are dedicated to the development and advancement of their staff.

Advantages of e-learning (on-line courses and one-to one lessons) –

  • no travel required
  • no getting stuck in traffic jams
  • money saved because of no loss of working hours or travel expenses
  • more energy efficient (less carbon footprint)
  • a comfortable environment in which to learn
  • flexible lessons that can be tailored more easily to suit student needs/requirements
  • faster delivery times than the traditional classroom based instruction

There are, of course, many more benefits of on-line courses and lessons … we’re certain you can think of many yourself.

For further details visit Computer Studio Limited (CS) at computerstudio.eu.


What is a custom script?

Custom scripts are software programs that add interactive features to websites. These include search boxes, shopping carts, guest books, discussion boards, clocks or other gadgets to webpages.

Many custom scripts work behind the scene as databases, specialised features on spreadsheets, and the like.

Basically, whatever extra features that are needed for a specific project can be programmed to accomplish that purpose or task.

Our experienced and dedicated team of computer programmers at Computer Studio Limited (CS) are happy to help with bespoke programming requirements, ranging from creating relatively simple custom scripts, to the more complex ones (see details of our Node Module – Rewire.io).

Visit our site at computerstudio.eu and view our Custom Scripts page and also our many other products and services available.


Welcome to the world of technology and the Internet!

Whilst technology continues progressing in massive strides and the Internet cyberspace ‘universe’ is constantly expanding each day, it’s a bit like driving a car!

If the car functions and gets you to your destination and back home safely you generally enjoy driving … but if the car refuses to start or even breaks down midway it’s definitely not a good feeling, unless you happen to be a skilled mechanic equipped with all variety of spare parts and tools to repair or replace whatever is needed to get on your journey again.

We all know the feeling well!

In moments like that all kinds of feelings and emotions can erupt inside of us: frustration, confusion, desperation, hopelessness, and even anger because we’ve missed an appointment or a deadline. Worse still if we’ve been stranded for hours!

When a friend or the emergency services turn up and fix the malfunction what a great relief that is. Off you go again, confident that you can resume your progress to reach your intended destination safely.

Everyone can relate to the same feelings when sat at a computer that just won’t respond anymore … you have deadlines, appointments, schedules, goals and achievements to reach and this heap of defunct technology refuses to co-operate! Worse still … your project (even several projects) that you’ve been working on for ages (days/weeks/months) … GONE! DISAPPEARED!

That’s where we come in with REMOTE ASSISTANCE. At Computer Studio Limited (CS) our engineers can assist you remotely via the Internet and specially developed software called ‘Team Viewer‘ that allows temporary control of a computer so that any software related problems can be rectified quickly and professionally through our Remote Assistance service.

In addition to our Remote Assistance service we can also give advice on hardware related problems. Visit CS at computerstudio.eu