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by Computer Studio Limited


Video and film editing

Professional and reliable service available for the editing of both video and film.


Multi-media Streaming

Audio and video distribution methods via the Internet continue to progress with the development of more sophisticated software applications.

Streaming in REAL-TIME now offers both the general public and organisations to opportunity to view video and films without the necessity of waiting (often for hours) for a download to be completed. Streaming is, basically, instant viewing.

Computer Studio Limited (CS) is able to develop and disseminate multi-media content through the use of audio/video streaming technology via the Internet, both LIVE and on demand.

There are many benefits in favour of streaming, especially as a cost-saving advantage, not to mention, time.

Our website contains information on tariff options and further information about our Streaming service and it’s many uses.


Take a look at our Video and Streaming Services and Apps page by visiting our website at computerstudio.eu.


VPS un-managed servers (virtual private servers) are virtual machines sold as an Internet hosting service and runs its own copy of an operating system for individual users.

This feature is particularly advantageous, as customers have ‘superuser’ level access to the operating system (OS) and are able to install almost any software that runs on it.

A VPS un-managed server functions much the same as a dedicated physical server and in fact, they are also known as a (VDS) virtual dedicated server.

The hosting software can include a web server program, file transfer protocol (FTP), a mail server program, along with other specialised applications that work with e-commerce and blogging activities, as required by the customer.

Because they are software defined and, therefore, easier to create and configure, this is reflected very favourably in the price, as opposed to an equivalent physical dedicated server.

Another great benefit is that they are a very reliable alternative solution for smaller businesses that prefer to keep costs down.


For further details regarding our VPS un-managed servers visit Computer Studio Limited (CS) at computerstudio.eu