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Computer Studio Limited (CS) :

Professional website design and construction services


The main principles of effective website design –

Obvious, self-explanatory and user-friendly

Each webpage should have clear guidelines that lead visitors through the site content in a very simple, extremely effective and user-friendly way

Useful and informative

A successful user interface design means that available functions can be clearly seen – It’s not particularly important to understand how things work – if we find something that works, we stick to it, feel comfortable with it and use it

Feature exposure

Give visitors a choice of clearly defined options, without overcrowding the view with unnecessary jargon-filled content. Today’s audience tend to scan rather than read so

include only elements that are most important to understanding

Structurally organised

A clear conceptual structure with consistency of screen layout, relationships and navigability throughout the site are important concepts of good organisation, which apply to all elements. Pay particular attention to simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, and emphasis

Ease of navigation

People tend to follow their own intuition and want to have a good measure of control, so make site navigation easy for them to explore.Use a clear structure (navigation bar, header, content area and footer) with moderate visual clues and easily recognisable links that assist in getting from A to B, minus time wasting. Icons communicate information quickly and when hovered over, additional useful information appears

Effective visual communication

‘Visible language’ includes eye-catching images that grab a user’s attention – a picture really can speak a thousand words!

Effective writing

Talk business, but always strive for simplicity rather than complexity with plain, objective language – complex structures are hard to read, scan, analyse and work with, whereas hierarchical structures reduce complexity and render content easier to perceive

  • brevity – short, concise phrases
  • scannable layout – multiple heading levels categorise content
  • fact highlighting – bullet point lists

Keep your user requirements to a minimum


For more information and assistance with website design and construction, or any of our other products and services, visit us at computerstudio.eu.


Picture the scene …

As a forward-looking entrepreneur you’ve just chosen the most appealing name for you’re new business venture and you’re Internet site, that will completely complement your ideas, products and services.

You’re excited about the project and keen to get started right away by registering it.

The only problem is that the domain name you carefully and painstakingly choose, after hours (or many days/weeks) of insightful thought and preparation just ISN’T AVAILABLE!

This is where Computer Studio Limited (CS) comes into the picture, as there is another option available to you, other than the conventional registration sites, namely Internet domain trade.

Our Internet domain trade is targeted at the buying and selling of top quality domain names that will richly enhance brands and businesses.

View our current list of domain names for sale on our Internet Domain Trade webpage at computerstudio.eu.


VPS un-managed servers (virtual private servers) are virtual machines sold as an Internet hosting service and runs its own copy of an operating system for individual users.

This feature is particularly advantageous, as customers have ‘superuser’ level access to the operating system (OS) and are able to install almost any software that runs on it.

A VPS un-managed server functions much the same as a dedicated physical server and in fact, they are also known as a (VDS) virtual dedicated server.

The hosting software can include a web server program, file transfer protocol (FTP), a mail server program, along with other specialised applications that work with e-commerce and blogging activities, as required by the customer.

Because they are software defined and, therefore, easier to create and configure, this is reflected very favourably in the price, as opposed to an equivalent physical dedicated server.

Another great benefit is that they are a very reliable alternative solution for smaller businesses that prefer to keep costs down.


For further details regarding our VPS un-managed servers visit Computer Studio Limited (CS) at computerstudio.eu